The Gift of Change

“The Gift of Change – Upheaval as Opportunity” Virtual Workshop

Rumi has a poem called “What is the Path.” The Path, he says, is A self sacrificing way, / but also a warrior’s way… not / for brittle, easily-broken, glass-bottle people.

Right now, during these times of pervasive and obviously necessary upheaval, we’re all being given the opportunity to recognize and release the fearful beliefs that have kept our fragile and insecure identities small and isolated for much too long! Living this way is normal, though stressful and unhealthy…as our innovative “Change” workshop will help you examine and explore.

Retreat Details
Limited Time Investment*: $495 $395
*Register by June 15th to receive a 10% discount
Dates: June 26-28, 2020
Location:This workshop will be held online
Your Retreat Price Includes:
• Workshop tuition
• Experiential self-awareness
BONUS 1: 3 one-on-one calls with Awareness Institute Team Member (1 Intro + 2 Follow-up)
BONUS 2: Celebration Evening community event (Bring your family and friends to our virtual Wednesday night class to celebrate your workshop!)
BONUS 3: Join 3 of our weekly classes for FREE (Mandala, Qi Gong, Conscious Parenting, Breathwork)

Rumi goes on to say:

The soul is tested here by sheer terror,
as a sieve sifts and separates
genuine from fake.

It is now undeniable that we are all being tested in ways we never imagined. If the world is our mirror, then it’s clear that denial and ignorance is the deeper plague diminishing us all – as recent events have demonstrated.

The change-wave initiated by the deadly pandemic and now erupting through protests against abuse and inequality around the world is a gift to us all, properly understood. This global eruption is exposing both our darkest and most regressive elements, along with an emerging urgency to rise up against oppression and violence to create a better, safer and freer world – individually and collectively.

Our first task is to accept what we see happening around and within us as a reflection of our own state of being, as well as an evolutionary process helping us to acknowledge where we have lived at the effect of our own ignorance, denial and fear.

With that awareness in hand, we can set ourselves to the task of shedding deep-seated, self-limiting conditioning and learn to live an honest, authentic and open life. The opportunity to grow up and awaken is more available to us all now than ever before. Only courage and willingness are required.

That’s exactly what our new virtual workshop – “The Gift of Change – Upheaval as Opportunity” – is designed to facilitate.

This workshop, beginning Friday evening, June 26, and completing Sunday evening, June 28, will be an immersive virtual experience that you commit to and participate in from wherever you are sheltering, with full audio/visual engagement from your location using your phone and computer.

As we’ve seen through our virtual Wednesday evening gatherings, coming together in this remote format offers both unique challenges and powerful opportunities. Now more than ever, it’s time to truly take responsibility for our individual maturation process.

This means accessing the internal motivation to show up fully and connect from within the container of your home space, choosing to stay with the emotional roller coaster that naturally arises as we uncover our fear-forged internal emotional and energetic barriers, and explore new ways of experiencing and expressing in our rapidly changing, uncertain “reality.” This, of course, takes courage – and it is how real change happens, personally and globally.

We’ll discover how we got to where we are, and how to get to where we want to go. It’s always up to you…!

Together, on the journey to “The Gift of Change,” we will explore:

  • How this time is bringing forth a renewed call to break free from our conditioned beliefs and fearful, limiting patterns and behaviors
  • What it means to discover the roots of trust and intimacy by shining a light on our relationship with Mother and the feminine
  • How to actively release trauma and blockages stored in our bodies
  • The integration of new tools and practices for maintaining awareness in our daily lives
  • How to relate in an open, vulnerable and authentic new way
    We often say, “The workshop begins when you go back to your life.”
  • Well, we’re now being called to integrate the openness and availability we experience at workshops into our daily lives – to live fully what we truly are.

“The Gift of Change” weekend is the first step in our four-part “New Beginnings” Summer Workshop Series. Our group Cleanse and three weekend workshops together culminate in a weeklong silent retreat on Mt. Shasta in late July.

If you’re ready to begin or continue the journey to free yourself from the limitations imposed by an inheritance of fear and frustration, NOW is the time to jump in. As Rumi says:

Stay with the caravan. By yourself
you’ll get a hundred times more tired,
and fall behind.

Sign up here to reserve your space and get more details on logistics, including suggested supplies, dietary guidelines and other preparation for the weekend. We look forward to embarking on this life-changing journey with you!

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