Charting a Conscious Course for the Day

Posted By Admin on Dec 8, 2015

Charting a Conscious Course for the Day
by Shannon

December 7, 2015

The Presence Process  has been nothing short of amazing. I am amazing. I can finally fully participate in my life, and it feels good. When I started this 10-week process – which includes 15 minutes of breathing each morning and night – I felt comfort in knowing there was a very accessible moment in the start of my day when I could check-IN and, at the least, acknowledge any energy swirling around in me. I find that very helpful! In the past, I’ve shot-gunned my way into each day and allowed the unconscious energy to affect and direct me, which usually looked like me denying and avoiding anything that could put me in contact with my  internal thoughts, feelings and energetic baseline. I had learned to put onto others what was going on inside of me, and had been roaming around my life confused and frustrated by my experience.

Taking time each morning is helping me chart a conscious course for my day, and bringing me  more present from moment to moment. No matter what comes up throughout the day, I find comfort in knowing I’ll get to the end of the day and have the time to check-IN again – to feel/see/hear and let go of anything that might be sticking around. I get to be fully present for wherever the currents of life are taking me. It feels good to be aware of the uncontrollable mystery of life as the forces of nature unfold and reveal life to me… engaging The Presence Process gives me the opportunity to find the coordinates of my place in the great mystery.


I’m so grateful for this process. I needed a structured, yet flexible way of checking-IN – a framework for looking inward, observing, and FEELING without judgment. Always looking outward has run its course for me. Over the years, I’ve received wise advice and tools to help myself, and yet somehow this process and its timing have penetrated my resistances. It’s tying into the prior awareness gained through years of trans-formative workshops and retreats, and building steady and firm upon that foundation. Plus, even when I’m experiencing overwhelm or drudgery or what-have-you, the simple act of following through with these 15-minute daily breathing’s has carried me through with deeper presence, like a Captain purposefully sailing her ship.



Shannon is a team volunteer for the Awareness Institute.

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  1. So can agree with all you said…every time i commit to a daily practice of breathing those 15 minutes twice a day— the “world” goes away and I find my way back to what it is real and what needs to be felt vs. thought of…xo

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