Message from John Ruskell: Freedom is Calling!

Posted By Mara on Jul 11, 2017

Hello friends,

Well, it seems that the intensifying uncertainty impacting all of our lives continues! I wrote in March about the ongoing upheaval that’s inexorably reshaping the landscape in our rapidly changing world. The unimaginable has become commonplace, as if we’re living our daily lives trapped in the theater of the absurd.

Now, just a few months later, the urgency to wake up and grow up…before it’s too late…is, if anything, even more compelling. Climate change, political manipulation, economic instability, technological inovation, etc., are all part of what – for most of us – is confounding, confusing, bewildering, and at times overwhelming. Even fight or flight doesn’t seem to apply to what we’re experiencing – what to fight? Where to run? It’s easy to feel disconnected and afraid.

For us at the Awareness Institute, these are the unmistakable signs of a wake-up call, and it’s clearly time to heed the call! Whether we like it or not, a new era and a new world order is dawning. The time of ‘heroic’ adventure, self-aggrandizement, avarice, conquest and exploitation – at least on this little planet Stewart Brand once called Spaceship Earth – is finally coming to an end.

It would appear that the earth is responding to our unconscious, and at times unconscionable, abuses by challenging us to grow up, become better stewards, or risk becoming extinct, like so many other species. And it’s all happening far more rapidly than even the most seemingly pessimistic forecasts predicted not too long ago.

It’s up to us, and if we embrace waking up, we will be both humbled by and grateful for the opportunities that arise. It’s true indeed that we have to let go to grow, and come to understand that real change only happens at the level of the individual. It’s person-al, and it’s where the battle for change must be played out. It’s where fear resists every insight and inspiration, holding us hostage to beliefs, assumptions, understandings and expectations that are vestiges of a bygone era..and an all encompassing illusion. We must have the courage to discard what has been and embrace what is…

If you’re looking for a challenge, this one’s a real doozy.

Simply put, the Level 2 workshop we call “Living Your Inspiration” (July 14-16) can help you on your way. You’ll see your conditioning patterns, and all that you inherited, with opened eyes and a new perspective. You’ll learn about the masculine and come to know your father’s place in the succession of innumerable generations that finally gave birth to you. You’ll see how fear made you small, and begin taking steps to see through that ‘great pretender.’

If you’re ready to empower yourself and make a difference in your life, you’re invited to join us in what will truly be a profound and perfectly timed weekend full of insight, illumination, breakthrough and release. Let tears of joy and unbounded laughter pour through you as you discover the key that unlocks the hooks and hang-ups that have long held you back. Please, don’t postpone your YES…

Freedom is calling.

With Love and Gratitude,
John and the AI team

P.S. Sign up here or, call Valerie (916-446-7827) or Keleigh (916-402-4031) to learn more and reserve your spot.

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