Freedom to Love Unconditionally

Posted By Admin on Sep 29, 2015

Freedom to Love Unconditionally
by Joanne

Sept 28, 2015

In the past I thought love was based on certain conditions. Conditions that I learned from my parents. As these learned conditions were not met, I blamed my parents. It was their fault that my relationships fell apart. I felt that these patterns I had learned were set in stone, unchangeable, permanent, and true.

Through my work with the Awareness Institute and in being part of the volunteer team assisting others to do their work of discovering what is really true, it became clear to me that I have the power to change these negative and false beliefs. It was, in fact, my responsibility to do so.

In taking responsibility for change, I am no longer holding myself and others hostage to negative and false patterns and beliefs. I can therefore choose to be appreciative, and I am free to experience unconditional love for myself and others.



Joanne is a team volunteer for the Awareness Institute.

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  1. Thank you Joanne for a heart felt reminder of the opportunity for unconditional love that exists everywhere when we choose to let it in.

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