New Beginnings Spring Series Special Offer!

Posted By Mara on Jan 25, 2017

Are you ready
to make the most of the challenges your life has been presenting lately?

Our New Beginnings Spring Series, beginning with the “Conscious Living” Retreat, can provide you with the tools and opportunities that support even the faintest interest in becoming more conscious and making the changes you’ve been seeking. It will provide the turning point where life begins to be guided not by security-seeking, but by inspiration!

“These workshops are life-changing! I feel like a brand new person with a pathway to freedom, love and inner peace.” 
– Beverly, “New Beginnings Series” participant

The New Beginnings Spring Series offers – in three weekend retreats – an opportunity to finally take the steps you’ve been ready for, but haven’t been sure how or where to begin. The Series is the perfect way to deepen your understanding of yourself and discover the lasting change that comes through real freedom, creativity and connection. And if you register by February 14, you can get 15% off the full price of the Spring Series – a $285 discount for all three life-changing workshops.

Part I: “Conscious Living” Retreat | February 16-18

Our “Conscious Living” Retreat is focused entirely on you. You’ll discover the crucial difference between who you really are and who and what you were expected – and eventually learned – to be. The workshop departs from a passive lecture format and dives into a deeply interactive and experiential process that ensures everyone uncovers their own answers. During this weekend of exploration, you’ll discover who you are free from anxiety and expectation. With rediscovered wisdom, you’ll be able to release lifelong patterns of limitation and reclaim your connection to authenticity and presence.

Along the way, we’ll explore the roots of trust by shining a light on our relationship with the feminine, healing with mother, and learning to relate to those we love in a compassionate new way.

You’ll emerge with not only a fresh new perspective about yourself and your life, but also with a clear course to move forward, charted with the kind of clarity that comes only from embracing refreshing, newfound authenticity.

If you’re ready to take your next step, please call Valerie (916-446-7827) to reserve your place or inquire further. Space for this workshop is very limited and nearing capacity, so we encourage you to register as soon as you can.


Part II: Living Your Inspiration Retreat | April 6-8

Your journey into deeper self-awareness continues with our “Living Your Inspiration” Retreat. This workshop is the supportive next step to creating a life of passion and wholeness, freed from the suffocating bonds of fear.

Heeding the call to freedom means breaking through the beliefs and behaviors that have long held us back. Our “Living Your Inspiration” workshop helps you discover and sustain that freedom – the kind of freedom that only comes from growing beyond what you’ve learned to be and creating the life you were meant to live.

This exciting process will help you rediscover what you love, break through your own fear barrier, and set your course unerringly toward the life that’s true for you. You’ll come to heal with and regain trust in the masculine, embrace sexuality consciously, and surrender to the creative potency and intuitive awareness that arise when you choose to take full responsibility for everything in your life.

If you’re ready to take an honest look at who you are, where you’ve been and where you want to go, “Living Your Inspiration” is the perfect place to find yourself.

Join us for this deeply powerful and liberating weekend – history tells us you’ll be glad you did!


Part III: Conscious Relating Retreat | May 18-20

Re-awaken the joy and the passion of relating – with or without a partner – with this weekend intensive that takes an entirely unique approach to intimacy and connection.

The “Conscious Relating” Retreat is designed to help us remember that surrender, trust and the willingness to be present are essential to any truly intimate experience. You’ll learn that conscious connecting is about growing through experience and courageously embracing change.

As we all know, meaningful relationships both challenge us and serve as springboards for growth. From better to worse and everything in between, relationships are mirrors that show us who we are, what we value and how we’re doing at any given moment.

Now…imagine a truly conscious relating experience devoted not only to mutual transformation, but also to the freedom – and fun! – of loving fearlessly, passionately and completely.

That’s exactly where “Conscious Relating” can take you.

Whether you join us alone or with a partner, this fully-clothed, dynamic, experiential process will reconnect you with the profound presence and wonder of real intimacy.

This workshop only happens once a year, and space is limited, so register early!


Let NOW be your turning point –
your leap into a new life!

The New Beginnings Spring Series is a great way to meet yourself and create your life in a wonderfully aware and conscious way – and now is definitely the time to say YES to you and your life!

To make the Series even more accessible, you’re invited to take advantage of our New Beginnings Spring Series discount. If you register for all three retreats – “Conscious Living,” “Living Your Inspiration” and “Conscious Relating – by February 14th, you get 15% off. That’s $285 off the full price of the workshops!

If you’re ready to tune in and find your own conscious path forward in the midst of this rapidly changing world, please call Valerie (916-446-7827) to register for one or all retreats and to learn more.

All of us at the Institute delight in sharing these life-changing workshops with you, and we look forward to seeing you – and anyone else you think might benefit – at our next “Conscious Living” weekend and the New Beginnings Spring Series.

Thank you for all you bring to life!

With Love and Gratitude,
The Awareness Team