The Presence Process

Join us for a special 10-week “Presence Process” class focus

We’re inviting everyone in the community to join us in taking part in the Presence Process. The Presence Process is a 10-week experience in cultivating present moment awareness, based on a book by Michael Brown. It includes 15 minutes of meditative breathing twice a day, paired with reading one chapter per week. Of course, the true power of this experience lies in committing to your Self and your process – no easy feat, but one that has consistently delivered profound and unexpected rewards!

Doing this Process together has been a powerful experience for everyone who participated. So much so that we’ve decided to bring the Presence Process focus to our Wednesday night classes this season – and we invite you to join us. We began Week 1 as a community on June 19, 2019 but we welcome and encourage you to jump in at any time.

What should you expect from the Presence Process experience?

  • Access to clear awareness of the messages your life is sending you via every experience and relationship, in every moment.
  • An experience of what it means to navigate life through feelings and an internal awareness, instead of via thinking and figuring.
  • Clarity about the beliefs that shape your life experiences.
  • A direct experience of Presence that deepens over the course of the 10 weeks.

What if you want to come to class without doing the Presence Process?

No problem! Classes will always provide experiential and accessible processes for everyone, regardless of the particular focus. The Wednesday night format will look similar to what you’ve come to expect. Even if you aren’t doing the Presence Process, you’ll continue to reap the benefits of breathing, connecting, and powerful self-inquiry cultivated through guided questions.

Where can you get a Presence Process book?

You can purchase online at places like We also have copies for purchase at the Institute.

With gratitude,
Shannon & the Awareness Team