Foundations of Astrology Class

Posted on Apr 30, 2014

Foundations of Astrology Class

Imagine having a personalized “owner’s manual” to help guide you through life… When used as a tool for self-awareness, this is the gift of astrology! In our eight-week introductory course, you’ll learn the basics of a rich symbolic language that has been used for centuries to explore and understand human nature.

Transformational Astrology synthesizes astrology, psychology, and spirituality in an experiential format. Using your own birth chart as a model, you’ll gain a more objective view of your family roots, conditioning and coping mechanisms, as well as your innate gifts. See yourself with compassionate understanding and wonder as you crack open your individual “owner’s manual” and unlock the secrets of you!

“This world is inescapably linked to the motions of the worlds above.” – Aristotle

Our next 8-week Intermediate Course begins Tuesday Oct 5th, 2017!