Rekindling Your Creative Passion

Rekindling Your Creative Passion: Do What You Love with The Artist’s Way

Whether you have experienced having your heart blown wide open at one of our innovative personal growth workshops or are new to the Awareness Institute’s work, we warmly invite you to join us for a facilitated 14-week journey into your own creative soul!

Using Julia Cameron’s acclaimed text, The Artist’s Way, as our guide, we will drop in together each Sunday evening to explore our own creative yearnings, play, connect, and clear away whatever has been getting in the way — in the past — of our ability to manifest our dreams.

Class Details
Investment: $140 for the series, $15 for drop-in sessions
Dates: 14 Weeks. Sundays, 5-7pm Pacific: November 8, 2020-February 7, 2021
Location: This class will be held online
Materials list: A copy of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron (check your local bookstore), journal or notebook, pen
To attend a single session as a drop-in, make your $15 payment here. And email your payment receipt to receive the class link.

Imagine heading into this new year having already made good on your promises to yourself — perhaps with a new painting, play, poem, book, song, recipe, website, or way of showing up at your workplace fully manifested, radiant, and actively available to serve the world beyond anything you may previously have thought possible for yourself!

That’s a real possibility for anyone and everyone who commits to showing up for the transformational process known as The Artist’s Way.

It has worked for millions of others around the world, and it will work for you too. You are no exception. This course also makes a great companion piece to our November 13-15, 2020 Living Your Inspiration workshop, which delves into the sacred masculine, self-expression, and personal potency.

Not only will our Sunday gatherings prime the pump for the deeper openings provided by our weekend-long workshops, they will also help you stay open and in the flow afterwards, by providing a new set of tools and playful, life-enhancing practices that help anyone and everyone — whether you consider yourself to be any sort of “creative” or not — to wiggle, dance, sing, paint, draw, write and play your way through any barriers that may be standing between you and your most expanded self.

This class is for you if:

  • You crave some accountability for tending to your own joy (i.e. your deepest heart’s desires)
  • You wish to approach all areas of your life with a more playful, spontaneous approach
  • You long to feel a greater sense of possibility in your life, but aren’t sure how to get there
  • You want to let go of creative blocks such as overeating, over-Netflixing, or other forms of procrastination in favor of bringing your creative visions into fruition
  • You are looking for a community of loving, supportive like-minded people

What you can expect to gain from this class:

  • An enhanced sense of overall well being
  • A greater sense of abundance
  • A more playful attitude towards your work and a more reverent attitude towards the things you do “just for fun.”
  • A deep knowing that your own deepest desires come from a sacred source
  • A network of people you can reach out to for spiritual and emotional support when you feel stuck, blocked, and or shamed

About the facilitator:

Ellen Anderson Holt almost forgot that, in a past life, she got an MA from the Graduate Creative Writing Program at U.C. Davis, where she taught English 5P: Introduction to Writing Poetry, and a BA with Honors in English Literature from Middlebury College, where she attended the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference as a Middlebury Scholar in Poetry (shma shma shma).

That all involved a lot of sitting still, which — through many years of doing workshops with the Awareness Institute and stripping away her false, conditioned self — she has learned that people who share her Tigger-like temperament do not like any more than they like thistles. However, during that time, using the principles in The Artists Way, she quite enjoyed supporting many hundreds of emerging creatives of all ages through the process of birthing their inspirations out into some form of expression.

Also a singer, eternally beginning guitarist, and devoted ecstatic dancer, Ellen aspires to always have as many joyful, messy creative projects going on at one time as she can possibly maintain. Right now, those projects involve caring for two boys, an ageing poodle, two rabbits, a chicken and a turtle. She also enjoys wild-harvesting medicinal plants and making them into herbal remedies, for which she likes to make labels. When not making an exuberant mess, she can generally be found meditating, rolling around on the floor, feeling her feelings, going for long walks, taking her son to the skate park, and/or noodling around in any number of places, depending on what sounds fun and interesting.

Join us! This is going to be lots of fun, and might even be a little bit profound. And there is no need to have any particular creative training or goal in mind in order to benefit from the many pleasurable and ever-unfolding gifts of The Artist’s Way.