Integration Weekend Retreat

“Integration,” offered once a year in conjunction with our Conscious Transformation Wilderness Retreat, unites masculine and feminine and unlocks the door to the deepest realization of who you are. Direct experience is how you’ll discover the selfless presence hidden behind the masks and games you knew as yourself.

In “Integration”, the un-illusioning is complete. We break through the “sacred wound” and sense the great truth, purpose and meaning at the core of our life experience. We see “the game of life” for what it is and experience bliss, being and beauty as reality. In our readiness and willingness to surrender, we discover that peace and power are one and the same. In surrender we discover wholeness and holiness. Our lives are consecrated in service, fully accepting and expressing what we are.

Retreat Details
Price: Contact for price
• Prerequisites apply
Dates: Summer 2022 – contact us for details
Your Retreat Price Includes:
• Workshop tuition
• Meals & lodging for three nights
• Cleanseworthy meals for the weekend
• Experiential self-awareness

This retreat has prerequisites. Please contact the Institute for more details.