Retreat Prices

The “Buy It Now” option

Choosing the “Buy It Now” plan guarantees your immediate enrollment. Sign up, pay and you’re done.

This choice is easy and reflects the norm in workshop registration today. The price of the weekend includes all meals, lodging and our in-depth, integrative experiential process.

(We’re sorry but we don’t accept American Express at this time)

Or simply Pay What It’s Worth To YOU

As an alternative, for your first workshop, you may choose to set the price for yourself. (*A minimum bid of $550 is required. Bidding closes two weeks prior to each workshop.)

In this option, deciding what to offer is part of your experience! We set our prices in a way to serve those for whom this work has the most value. See below for more details about how bidding works.

(We’re sorry but we don’t accept American Express at this time)


How “Bidding” Works

At each of our retreats, we create the conditions for every participant to have an amazing “self” encounter.

If you’ve never done one of our retreats, or any type of self-awareness work, you may have no way of knowing what this weekend is worth to you. You might ask yourself, what is the value of a two-day residential retreat, meals and lodging included? Or, how much would you spend on a weekend out of town? Or, what is it worth to find relaxation and perspective, to release frustration, stress and anxiety and to deepen the connection with yourself? Figuring out the value is part of the process.

Bid whatever price you feel the weekend will be worth and are willing to pay, above the stated minimum. We will notify you, at least a week before the retreat, whether your bid has been accepted. There is every reason to submit the amount you would consider reasonable for this adventure in getting to know yourself! You decide what it’s worth to you and then enjoy a weekend of learning, sharing and loving!