Summer Workshop Series

Summer Workshop Series & Contemplative Retreat

What is the Summer Series?

Our Summer Workshop Series is a comprehensive, experiential progression that moves you through deepening levels of self-awareness. The Series consists of three weekend workshops over the course of two months, culminating in what we call Level 4, “Transformation” – a week of profound, contemplative retreat in the wilderness of the Mt. Shasta area.

This summer-long immersion, which includes an herbal cleanse, catalyzes a powerful turning point: What would life be if you were guided not by security-seeking, but by inspiration? Beginning with “Conscious Living,” you’ll discover and release the beliefs, assumptions and stories that have kept you limited and separated in the past.

What can I expect from the Summer Series?

The Summer Series is a change agent that takes us from wanting to live differently to actually doing it. Real growth and change will always require a letting go of what we’ve known ourselves to be, so we can become mature and open, instead of defending against all that life brings. The Summer Series gives participants the space to look deeply within and learn how to cultivate the courage and focus necessary to take these steps. In the process, you will also gain awareness, tools and practices that help you alter the way you see yourself and navigate your world. In short, the Series will help you break through internal barriers and into a powerful, new way of being.

Who can participate?

Because of the immersive commitment and intensified content and pace of the Summer Series, the culminating retreat has special prerequisites. The weeklong wilderness retreat is the final step to deepen and anchor the awareness that emerges through the previous workshops and the in-depth mind/body cleanse that starts in early July. Contact us for more details.

How can I learn more about it?

Space in the Summer Workshop Series and Contemplative Retreat is limited and demand is high, so we encourage you to reserve your spot as soon as possible. You can begin the process by completing our online inquiry form below, and someone will contact you about next steps.

Let us know you’re interested – and spread the word to your friends, so no one misses out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a new beginning. It’s time for You, and it’s time for Life…so don’t delay a moment longer!

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