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Awareness Institute Summer Workshop Series & Outdoor Retreat in the Mt. Shasta Area

Imagine… a week – all to yourself – in the beautiful Mt. Shasta area. A time for rest, relaxation and reflection.

Are you ready to give yourself that gift?

If so, the Awareness Institute Summer Workshop Series & Outdoor Retreat in the Mt. Shasta area will profoundly change your experience of yourself and your life.

Our Summer Series is a comprehensive, experiential progression that moves you irrevocably through a process of deepening self-awareness. The journey, consisting of three residential weekend workshops over the course of two months, culminates with Level 4 “Transformation” – a week of profound, contemplative reflection in the beautiful setting of the Mt. Shasta area.

This retreat, which also includes an in-depth cleansing of both body and mind starting in June, provides you with the ultimate space to deepen the unfolding awareness that emerges through your preceding workshops, supporting you to fully incorporate everything you’ve learned.

Whether you’re brand new to what we do, or have experienced our workshops before, the Summer Series journey begins with the “Conscious Living” Level 1 Retreat (June 12-14, 2020). Here, we focus on the feminine aspect within all of us – our relationship to our own vulnerability, how we learned to love, and the conditioned beliefs blocking our innate receptivity and openness. We’ll explore our connection with mother as the origin story of relationship patterns and the way we relate to the women in our lives. This weekend is about taking responsibility for your life and finding the courage to discover what is real and true for YOU – a powerful turning point in how you experience yourself, your relationships and your life.

The adventure continues with our “Living Your Inspiration” Level 2 Retreat (July 10-12, 2020), a deep dive into the masculine principles of creativity, self-expression, passion and freedom. Making peace with father is the catalyst to embracing internal authority and loving with radical honesty, setting your course for a more playful, creative and authentic life.

The third retreat in the series, “Integration” (July 23-26, 2020), is open only to those who have completed Levels 1 and 2.* This four-day residential workshop, held in a house near the base of Mt. Shasta, unites the internal masculine and feminine and opens the door to the deep realization of who you truly are. Through one-on-one and group sharing, conscious breath-work, silent contemplation and energetic release, we move from the “small self” to the expansive and joyful ALLNESS that is our birthright. Direct and undeniable experience is how you’ll discover the selfless, majestic presence hidden behind the masks and games you habitually knew as yourself.

The final step in this extraordinary process is our “Transformation” Level 4 Retreat (July 27-August 2, 2020), a week of solitary, contemplative reflection in the beautiful setting of the Mt. Shasta area. This retreat provides a space to deepen the unfolding awareness that emerges through the preceding workshops. Freed from distraction and ego identification, you’re invited to step into a sacred and life-changing experience of communion, joy and peace.

For those who are ready, our Summer Workshop Series & Outdoor Retreat in the Mt. Shasta area provide the perfect opportunity to undertake true transformation… to transition to a new way of living – a life of openness, creativity and healing.

This amazing journey – the journey to wholeness – is the best gift you’ll ever give yourself.

Isn’t it time?

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*If you have previously completed a Level 1 or Level 2 workshop, we highly recommend participating in the workshop again as part of the comprehensive Series and summer caravan. If you have previously completed both a Level 1 and a Level 2, we require that you repeat at least one of these workshops offered during the Summer Series. Committing to all four workshops in the Series, regardless of prior experience, provides maximum benefit and support in preparation for the Outdoor Retreat in the Mt. Shasta area.
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