Summer Series 2020

Invitation from John: Mt. Shasta Retreat and the Summer Series are calling

Hi everyone,

Nobody I know is “enjoying” the pandemic reality, or even the social upheaval that has impacted us all in so many unexpected ways. Some, of course, have long felt – while others are just beginning to acknowledge – the urgency and necessity for a fundamental overhaul in the values we hold dear and the way we live our lives! Like it or not, “the times they are a-changing.” We can lead or follow, but change we must…

As I wrote last weekend, change is literally “in the air.” The pace of change is overwhelming for too many, and beyond distressing,  as our comfortable routines, any sense of normalcy or contentment is becoming harder to find and maintain. The evolutionary imperative to “adapt or perish” is more real and personal now.

Of course, things have already changed, are continuing to change, and many experts are telling us that we may never be able to go back to the way things used to be…which may not turn out to be such a bad thing when all is said and done! Time, and the choices we make, will tell…

It may well be true that the current pandemic was the most benign and effective way for “Life” to get our attention, expose our obvious collective vulnerability, and finally compel all of us (humanity) to join together to resolve the host of growing threats to our short- and  long-term survival. We appear to have reached a major turning point, and it’s up to all of us to determine what comes next. Let’s choose wisely…

At the Institute, we’re adjusting to this new reality by adapting most of our classes and workshops to an online format, and implementing the latest safety guidelines for anything that involves working together in person. The next step in our Summer program is the “Living Your Inspiration” Workshop which takes place online July 10-12, wherever you happen to be sheltering in place. You’re not too late!

Our  “Integration” Workshop (July 23-26) will be a newly created open-air/camping workshop this year (depending on prevailing conditions, e.g. weather), just before our Mt. Shasta retreat begins on the 27th. Imagine experiencing this time of evolutionary upheaval while on retreat nestled in the bounty that is Mt. Shasta…

So, if you’re ready to embrace change, see yourself and your life from a whole new perspective, and reframe all that you’re experiencing in the most positive way possible… please consider joining us in the most unique and exciting Summer Series yet!

Time IS of the essence, as there is also a comprehensive habit-changing cleanse regimen that everyone heading to the Mountain participates in, and it’s starting now. Contact Valerie (916-446-7827) or Keleigh (916-402-4031) right away or email us to learn more and jump in.

Eligibility Guidelines
You’re automatically invited to do the Mountain if you’ve been to a previous Level 4 retreat. Unique to this year: If you have done an in-person workshop in the past, you are also eligible to attend this year’s Mountain retreat, but will have to go through a pre-qualifying process to get you prepared.

All of us at the Institute look forward to sharing this profound, illuminating journey with you! Thank you for all you bring to life…

With gratitude,
John & the Awareness Team