Hidden Treasures Found Within

Posted By Admin on Nov 2, 2015

Hidden Treasures Found Within
by Dave

November 2, 2015

I was introduced to the Awareness Institute by a loving and caring family friend. I jumped right in with a weekend workshop and experienced a profound opening. It truly blew my mind and rocked my world. I embraced the Wednesday meetings, more weekend workshops, and both the astrology and dream classes.  All have been incredible opportunities to open my heart and explore my habits, patterns, conditioning and other shackles I have placed on my life. For me, the crown jewel has been the Mount Shasta retreats where I have found the help and support to delve deep into my heart and soul to continue to uncover the light and truth within. It was during my third time on Mount Shasta when I felt inspired to write the following about my journey:


I came with my life ripped apart, raw from the death of my wife.
I came looking to shed my grief, as if it was something to get rid of.
Instead I am learning to embrace and enfold it.

I came looking to stop the pain in my heart, as if I was better off without it.
Instead I am learning to allow and accept all feelings.

I came looking to ease the burden of life, as if it was a heavy weight to carry.
Instead I am learning to live in the fullness and richness of life.

I came ready to work with determination, strength and willpower; as if hard work was all it would take.
Instead I am learning to surrender and let go.

I came with pride and arrogance, trying to hide the guilt and shame I felt.
I am learning openness, humility and forgiveness.

I came looking to change myself.
Instead I am learning to embrace who and what I am.

I came looking to find my passion.
I am learning to let it flow from my heart.

I came looking to rekindle the spirit of adventure in life.
I am finding the inner journey an adventure, a challenge, and a joy.

I came looking for a way out of soulless conformity.
I found a caravan of fellow travelers on the path.

I came looking for the meaning of life and death.
Haven’t found that yet, but I am starting to catch glimpses.

I came looking for unconditional love.
I am finding a boundless source in my heart and soul.



Dave is a team volunteer for the Awareness Institute.


  1. Love this! Such rawness and honesty. I so appreciated reading your blog. Really reminded me how there is so much more under the surface when I am willing to look. And it is always way beyond what my mind could really grasp.

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  2. This is one of my favorite blog posts so far. I can feel the depth of emotion and the boundless energy and self-acceptance you have tapped into through your involvement with the Awareness Institute. It’s inspiring to read and observe! <3

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