Online Classes for a Changing World

Join us for experiential online classes!

We are in unprecedented times…and with that comes new opportunities for growth, awareness, creativity and connection.

Awareness Institute classes are built around a framework for dropping deeper into yourself, identifying and shedding the false beliefs that we use to hold ourselves back. These classes provide an opportunity to shake off any contraction or fear that may be surfacing during this time, allowing us to expand into the freedom, love, and inspiration available to everyone.

As with our in-person offerings, our online classes are experiential. Join us for as many and as often as you’d like. Use this time to reach out and connect with others in the community, and yourself, in a new way!

Fill out this form, marking all the classes you might be interested in joining, and we will send you the instructions to attend the classes.

Wednesdays 7-9pm Pacific: Community Inspiration Class
Reconnect with Presence and your own inner guidance. This midweek check-in invites us all to step out of our conditioned stories, busyness and distracting thought patterns, and to drop in to what’s real and true – right here, right now. You’ll enjoy focused sharing, transformational breathwork, and grounding exercises, as we create an honest and accepting space for all to simply be.

Offering guidance and support for more than 30 years in the Sacramento community, this class continues to provide the perfect opportunity to renew your own internal focus and realign your life with your clarity of intention. Attend on a drop-in basis as a way to re-set your course for the week, or – better yet – make it a part of your regular schedule with the Institute team every Wednesday as we build and deepen our conscious awareness.

Mondays 7-9pm Pacific: Introductory Astrology Class
Transformational Astrology synthesizes astrology, psychology, and spirituality in an experiential format. Using your own birth chart as a model, you’ll gain a more objective view of your family roots, conditioning and coping mechanisms, as well as your innate gifts. See yourself with compassionate understanding and wonder as you crack open your individual “owner’s manual” and unlock the secrets of you! Read more and sign up.

The following classes are on hiatus, register here to be the first to know when they restart.

Mandala Mondays
Join Mara in creating an artistic representation of your unconscious awareness. Mandalas date back to the 4th century and are considered to be one of the most ancient forms of art. They have deep roots in psychology – seen as a representation of the inner self, mandalas can help surface symbols and messages from the depth of the unconscious, much like dreams. Bring a piece of paper and something to draw with – pen, pencil, crayon etc. Fancy art supplies (and art-making “skills”) are completely optional.

Qi Gong
Qi Gong is an ancient breath and movement practice that aims to open the body’s channels to enhance health, longevity and well-being. Mirko will lead us through an exploration of the basic principles of body alignment, breath and movement and start to develop a simple routine that can become part of your daily practice.

Conscious Cooking Interactive
Create a nourishing, vegetarian meal together from the comfort of your own home with a rotating team “chef”. Colleen and Dave will lead the first class, guiding you to make a delicious, vegetarian soup from whatever is in your pantry!

Conscious Parenting
Parents are invited to join Vanessa for an opportunity to share and gain support during this challenging time. We will look at how our children are reflecting aspects and parts of ourselves that may be unconscious to us – as a way to gain greater awareness, empathy and compassion for ourselves and our children.

Breathwork Session
Energize and calibrate your day. An extended breathing experience to support you in opening your energy and releasing anything you are holding onto. No experience necessary. Come as you are. We will provide instruction and guidance on how to do the breath work. Following the breathing we will have some time to share our experiences together.

These classes are a gift from the Awareness Institute team to YOU! Donations are always welcome, if you are able (donations support a scholarship fund for workshops).

Fill out this form, marking all the classes you might be interested in joining, and we will send you the instructions to attend the classes.

We look forward to sharing these interactive courses with you as we open to new ways of supporting ourselves and one another in these rapidly changing times!