Retreat Details
Price: $695 (per Retreat)
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*A minimum bid of $550 is required.)
Dates:  “Conscious Living” June 12-14 2020,
“Living Your Inspiration” July 10-12 2020,
“Integration” July 23-26 2020,
“Transformation” Mt. Shasta Wilderness Retreat July 27-August 2 2020
Location: Sierra foothills, Northern California
Your Retreat Price Includes:
• Workshop tuition
• Meals & lodging for two nights
• Organic meals for the weekend
• Experiential self-awareness

We are living in an era of extraordinary transition and there has never been a more important time to get to know yourself! Hidden in the world’s upheaval is the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to know what is real, who you are and how to live an authentic life.

The “New Beginnings” Workshop Series is a compassionate and comprehensive program of Self-realization. A beautifully orchestrated and intuitive developmental process, this series challenges you to:

  • Know yourself more deeply and authentically
  • Improve your relationship with yourself and others
  • Be who you really are, not who you learned to be
  • Learn to respond, instead of react
  • Experience love as never before!

No matter where you are in your life, our New Beginnings Series meets you where you are and helps propel you into a life of greater clarity, depth and openness. Rather than resist the powerful changes taking place, make the uncommon choice of transforming the uncertainty of change into new levels of awareness and empowerment.

To learn more and register, email or call (916) 446-7827.