What Participants are saying about the Conscious Living Retreat

“I can’t recommend this workshop enough. I will say you’ll need to find your courage and be brave, but you’ll have more support than you can imagine. If you want to make a real, fundamental change – this workshop has all the potential to rock your world!” – Sara M, “Conscious Living” February 2018

“I’ve never felt a space so safe to expose my heart and soul.” – Bryan

“I blamed my mom for so much of my trauma. But I see now she gave me everything she had. It really transformed my perception. I walked out of the workshop and really wanted to hug my mom. And that’s not something I’d wanted to do before.

I realized that my mind was filled with personal turmoil. And I was finally able to release so much of that pressure that I’d been holding onto for so many years. Sunday was the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I didn’t want to leave. It was life changing. I’m so glad I went.” – Justin

“I’d been covering myself with all of the positivity I’d been hiding behind. And I got to drop beneath that to face what was really going on underneath. I got to drop in and start to own more of my life and my experience. I’m so grateful to this space and everyone here to help me discover and allow more of myself.” – Chris

“I felt like I really let my mom off the hook. I’m ready to take responsibility for my life. I saw the patterns of the generations before me and really let them go.” – Elena

“This is what I’ve been searching for all my adult life. I have worked so hard to get where I am…therapy, chanting, yoga, self help books, meditation, church, and in 48 hours I am free of the chatter, my heart is open to love, and I am able to create and maintain clear boundaries.” – Terri

“If you are craving a complete shift in your body, mind and emotions, you must try this work.” – Jen 

“I AM. I haven’t felt this light, peaceful and less distracted in over 20 years. I have been the recipient of tools to now work with in my daily life, allowing my ego and mind to be quiet. I feel loved, I feel worthy of love and I am open to giving love like no other time in my adult life. I am humbled and grateful for my workshop experience, the love and support that I I have been afforded and the ability to bring what I have learned and will continue to learn in all my relationships, especially those with myself, my wife and children.” – Lorne

“You can’t put a price tag on the experience — it’s worth a thousand times more than what I paid. The openness and freedom I feel are beyond description!” – Nick

What Participants are saying about the Living Your Inspiration Retreat

“And to think that I’ve travelled the world searching for ME, searching for my happiness…In retrospect, I was always leaving home to those far and wide places to get away from me. To get away from home. And after spending another weekend with the Awareness Institute, I discovered that the whole time, happiness is right inside me. And it feels SO good to be home. I could stay home forever and never be bored again. But more importantly, I feel peace and contentment for all that I am – and all of the errors I dreamed up inside me.” – Krista

“I found answers to questions I didn’t know I was asking.” – Michael

“If you really want to change your life and do it from a place of total support and love come to a workshop. Life changing things happen!” – Beverly

“On paper I had the makings of a very happy life, yet I carried around a feeling of dissatisfaction because I was deeply in need of something I could not put a name to. During my first workshop I realized I had so many negative feelings shoved deep down inside me that were stressing me out and constantly making me feel frustrated, irritable, and tired. After learning how to thoroughly process these feelings I am feeling lighter, calmer, and more dialed in on a daily basis. I am no longer struggling to quiet my mind-chatter while meditating, and I now know how important it is for me to better connect with those around and me and with myself. I’m learning to recognize how my immediate fear reactions cause a mental and emotional downward spiral and I’m beginning to more quickly identify them as they show up, which is a great tool to have. Thank you!” – Linda

What Participants are saying about the Conscious Relating Retreat

“I came to Conscious Relating having no idea what we were going to do – All I knew was I was so nervous with the topic altogether. Once I arrived I was met with so much love, openness and acceptance – I was able to open and learn so much about my conditioning and current situation around intimacy and sexuality. I have a clearer understanding of my love and power – that I’ve learned I don’t need to be afraid of or ashamed of talking about these topics. I learned to embrace it and myself so much more. I know all of my relationships will be so much stronger because of the work I did at Conscious Relating.” – Alex

“If there is one thing you can do in your entire life before you die… It is this – go to a workshop!!!!!! Your life will open to energy & love you may never have thought possible!!!” – Kim

“Conscious Relating ignited my body from head to toe…freed my spirit and blasted open my heart. As I reenter the world, I am living in wonder, love and connection.” – Terri

“Conscious Relating allowed me to love and feel loved for the first time in my life. I fell in love with my wife of 21 years. Truly a wonderful experience.” – Graham

“The amazing people, processes and space that the Awareness Institute holds for me are the greatest gift I could ever give myself. I have been provided tools to utilize that I never knew existed. In providing an atmosphere of judgement-less love, I was given the opportunity to face my fears, state my truths and just BE, without reproach. Through such graciousness I found levels of intimacy for the first time in my life. What a blessing.” – Lorne

What Participants are saying about the Astrology Classes

“Astrology is so darn fascinating!! It was so comforting and affirming to see my greatest life challenges and viewpoints laid out in my chart. It has helped me separate from the struggle around them and accept and acknowledge my whole self. I’m a firm believer that understanding and knowing you is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. I can’t wait to take the next class!” – Mara

“I greatly recommend this class. It will change the way you see yourself and those around you. A major stepping stone on the path to acceptance, for sure. It has helped me to embrace my qualities as a human being, and grow as a spiritual, unique life form in general.” – Daniel

“Thanks to the class taught by Keleigh and Danielle, I’ve been able to put myself under the microscope, as a scientist would. There were things about myself that were brought to light that I knew on a deeper level but that had never been put into words. As a baby, the main source of frustration between parent and child is the lack of shared communication. The baby hasn’t learned to speak yet and cries out when his needs aren’t met. The parent feels helpless because she can only guess at what her baby is trying to tell her. In looking at my past selves, it felt like I was finally able to communicate with previous versions of me. Having the language of astrology helped me to understand those previously foreign and subconscious attempts at communication. The self awareness I have just begun exploring has been extremely valuable. As a thinker, I spend a lot of time analyzing my past and criticizing my mistakes and lack of experience. However, with the tools of astrology I am able to recognize patterns that everyone (not just me) struggles with and how a perceived weakness can be turned into a strength. It allows me to see the mask I’ve been holding and that I have the power to choose to stop playing the victim or the antagonist in my life.” – Colleen